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EleWant is all about your ElePHPants!

1. Start a Herd

If you own ElePHPants and want to show the world, create your herd and set up which ones you have. It's-a-simple!

2. Offer and Request ElePHPants

Coming soon: After displaying your magnificent collection, you select specimens that you wish to trade and specimens that you would like to add to your herd.

3. Trade!

Coming soon: We will attempt to show you where the closest trade options are, and make it easy for you to get in touch. We hope to capture the history of ElePHPant travels through time...

* Read about the history of this project

New Herds

New ElePHPants join all the time. Have a look at these latest additions.

Our Amazing Contributors


(Some nice additions)


(Quite a few changes)


(Quite a few changes)

You can find the repository on github, and become one of the amazing contributors in no time at all!