Elewant, where did it come from?

This project is the brain-child of Elena de la Fuente, in combination with everyone at Future500 B.V.. The name is a combination of the words "want" and "elePHPant". The idea is that we make it easier in the community to swap and share the lovely plush PHP mascots, the ElePHPants.

It was originally conceived in 2015, and consequently forgotten. Because, well, work happened...

When we decided to really build it, we took some time to discuss our technical options. The main focus of this project is for us to learn, and maybe teach, the technology being used. Rather than building something as fast as possible with familiar building blocks, the team decided to to use things we had never used before. Check out the README.md file to see what technology choices where made.

Most importantly, you'll see that we decided to build an EventSourced system. Why, you ask?

Wait... did you build this just so that you could use Event Sourcing?? Jeroen van der Gulik (@n0x13)

The answer, as with many things, is "it's complicated". But we really hope that by building and using this system together, we can learn and experience what it's like to have an event sourced project in production. A project that serves a purpose beyond classroom examples.

Of course, it would not hurt if this project persuades someone to join us at Future500...

So enjoy, and don't forget to site.join-the-herd!

Kind regards,

Elena, Jasper, Mitchel, Mark && Ramon